​​The First Year Constable (FYC) Program follows the Recruit Training Program and is conducted over a 12 month period in the operational environment.

During your academy training, you will receive advice on the FYC Program and are provided with a preference sheet listing the available training centres (police stations).

  • You will be asked to nominate your first, second and third preferences for a training centre. 

  • You will be given time to discuss your training centre options with your family prior to submitting the preference sheet.

  • While all efforts are made to place FYCs at their preferred training centre, the operational requirements of the Service dictate where you will be allocated. 

  • On graduation from the police academy, FYCs are posted to designated police stations (training centres) around Queensland under the supervision of an Education and Training Officer (ETO) for the duration of the program.

  • The FYC Program begins with an eight week mentor phase where the constable is placed with an experienced officer to learn the basic competencies of General Duties policing. 

  • At the completion of this phase, FYCs perform duties under general supervision for the remainder of the 12 month period. 

  • Throughout this program, FYCs develop and are assessed on specific competencies associated with general policing. 

  • Exposure may also be available to specialist areas, such as the Child Protection and Investigation Unit, Criminal Investigation Branch and Traffic Branch.

  • On successful completion of the FYC Program, constables are posted to a police station somewhere in Queensland. 

First Year Constables should refrain from making financial or personal commitments prior to being allocated to their permanent station.

Post FYC Station Allocation

The General Manager, Human Resources, the Regional Assistant Commissioner and a human resources manager decide on your permanent station. 

There are three possibilities for your final allocation:

  • That you will remain within the district where you have completed your first year; or

  • That you will be allocated to a different district within the same region where you completed your training; or

  • That you will be transferred to a different region.

Each ETO has procedures in place to determine which staff will be transferred, if required - this will be explained as your probation period concludes. The QPS attempts, where possible, to take into account personal circumstances, however, posting to a particular location or area cannot be guaranteed.​ The needs of the Service and the Queensland community must take priority. 

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