​​​​​​​​​​​​Recruit training is a 25 week course that can be completed at either the Brisbane or Townsville campus of the Queensland Police Service Academy. 

In the week prior to the commencement of an intake, a welcome gathering is generally held for applicants and their families. At this session, applicants and family members are given an overview of the training requirements and expectations, as well as provided a range of strategies to assist them to identify and deal with the stresses of being a Police Recruit. 

Recruit training develops competent, ethical, efficient and effective police officers who are motivated, responsible and aware of community needs. Recruits examine problems taken from everyday policing situations that allow them to develop appropriate decision-making skills to solve operational policing issues. In addition, recruits undergo extensive training in physical skills, driving, firearms and field craft. 

Swimming will also be assessed (if the 100 metre, fully-clothed swim was not successfully completed at APSAD) and First Aid proficiency will be required prior to graduation from the academy.

After successfully completing their training, recruits are inducted as a Constable of Police. Constables then become part of the First Year Constable Program during which they receive further training and development on-the-job.

Employment Conditions

Recruits are employed under a Contract of Employment and study full time at the academy. Generally academy attendance is Monday to Friday, however, like police operational shifts, recruits will be required to attend training sessions and events outside regular hours.

Under the terms and conditions of this contract, employment may be terminated at any time should it be determined there has been a breach of any provisions within the contract.

Recruits may apply to perform secondary employment, however requests will be considered in accordance with QPS policy and in conjunction with the recruit's performance while training at the academy.

Uniforms are provided free of charge, however other items such as sports clothing may be at a cost.

Recruit allowance entitlements can be found on the Employment Entitlements page.​


The academy has a general 'live out' policy, however a recruit can apply to live on campus at either of the academy locations, which is assessed on an individual basis. 

Accommodation at the Oxley campus is provided at a cost to the recruit of $200 per fortnight. This campus offers boarding style rooms where the amenities are shared. Two meals per day are provided Monday to Friday, with costs ranging from $138 to $153.30 per fortnight.

At the Townsville campus, the accommodation is motel style with in-room amenities. Recruits who live-in at this campus pay $50 per fortnight for accommodation and meal packages ranging from $254.30 to $327.90 per fortnight.

Costs are subject to change without notice.

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