​​​​Introduction to Policing

The Introduction to Policing Booklet is a resource to help you prepare for your recruit training with the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

The document is organised into number of topics that provide fundamental information to help you understand the role of a First Year Constable and how this role functions within the systems and structures of the QPS, the community, the law, the court system and government.

As a Queensland Police Officer, you must work cooperatively and supportively in all of these areas, and this information will provide you with an insight into these responsibilities.

Each topic is further divided into sub-topics in which you will find useful information and website links.

You may encounter concepts in the document that are new to you, however don’t be concerned by this - these concepts will be fully explained during your recruit training.

You are also encouraged to read and research more broadly on any of the topics covered in this resource. true