​​​​​​The Queensland Police Service (QPS) invites applications from current or recently serving police officers with experience in an interstate or international* jurisdiction.

​Interstate and international officers must meet all Pre-application Requirements​ before lodging your online application.

​You will also be required to successfully complete all assessments in the recruiting process.​​

These assessments include:

We may take into consideration:

  • your length of policing service
  • reason for your separation (where applicable)
  • conduct whilst a police officer including disciplinary history
  • the rank you had attained
  • the nature, variety and experience of your previous police duties
  • time elapsed since your separation (where applicable)

QPS currently recruits for General Duties officers

Unless otherwise approved by the Commissioner, you will be allocated to an employment location as a General Duties officer if successful in gaining admission to the QPS. You will be able to nominate location preferences after commencing at the academy, however all allocations will be determined on the operational needs of the Service. 

You must be prepared to serve at any location within Queensland. At this time, no allocations are provided upon offer of appointment as a Recruit. You should not have an expectation of allocation to a particular location simply because you have already purchased a residence there.

At this time, your policing service is recogn​ised through allocation of a higher pay point than that of a mainstream recruit applicant. The pay point is assessed based on the QPS Certified Agreement, having regard to the recency​ and relevance of your policing service.

No current 'fast track' training program is being offered. You will be required to undertake the Recruit Training Program in its entirety, unless otherwise determined.

The Recruit Training Program is of 25​ weeks' duration (dependent​ on public holidays). Recruit training is undertaken at either the Oxley (Brisbane) or North Queensland (Townsville) campuses of the Queensland Police Service Academy.

If successful in gaining an offer of appointment, you are paid at your determined pay point from the date of your commencement at the academy as a Recruit. Along with current QPS provisions, you may be eligible for a general pay point​ progression after 12 months service with the QPS, subject to qualifying requirements.

QPS welcomes applications from experienced police officers at any time. 

Certified Agreement

The QPS Certified Agreement 2013 provides for recognition of interstate and international policing service.

At the determination of the Commissioner, officers with interstate or international policing experience may be appointed to the QPS as a Constable or Senior Constable at a level commensurate with their experience, however remuneration will not exceed Pay Point 2.9.

Additionally, officers with interstate and international policing experience may be afforded the opportunity to make application for early exit from the First Year Constable program.


For further information, contact Police Recruiting on +61 7 3015 3388 or recruiting@police.qld.gov.au.

* The QPS is not able to sponsor international applicants for the purpose of obtaining Australian permanent resident status or for immigration, nor can any guarantee of employment be given for immigration purposes. More details on citizenship and permanent residency visas are available from the Department of Immigration & Border Protection.​