​​​​If your passion for policing has been re-ignited and you wish to return to the Queensland Police Service (QPS), you must first fill in the online application.

You will then be required to successfully complete all assessments in the recruiting process.​

These assessments include:

We may take into consideration:

  • your length of QPS service
  • reason for your separation
  • conduct whilst a QPS officer, including disciplinary history
  • the QPS rank you had attained
  • the nature, variety and experience of your previous police duties​
  • time elapsed since your separation from the QPS

Former Queensland police officers will not return to service at a higher pay point than the pay point at which they separated. Former QPS officers will not be appointed at a rank higher than Senior Constable, unless exceptional circumstances exist, and only upon approval of the Commissioner.

QPS currently recruits for General Duties officers. Unless otherwise approved by the Commissioner, you will be allocated to a station as a General Duties officer if successful in gaining re-admission.

You will be required to complete any outstanding tenure period if you were undertaking General Duties prior to separation. If you were in a position other than General Duties prior to your separation from the QPS, you will be allocated to a General Duties position subject to the operational requirements of the Service.


For more information on returning as a Queensland police officer, contact Police Recruiting on 1 300 BE A COP or recruiting@police.qld.gov.au.​