​​​This is your opportunity to prepare for a career as a Queensland police officer.

The Queensland Police (QPS) needs staff from a range of backgrounds in order to reflect the cultural diversity of the community and provide effective police services across all communities.​

The QPS offers positions in the Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Recruit Preparation Program (CALDRPP) to people who are from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The program comprises a 10 week, full-time course at the QPS Academy in preparation for direct entry into the Recruit Training Program (RTP).

This program forms part of the Service’s commitment to equal opportunity and diversity in employment.

Stages of the selection process

To be eligible for appointment to the QPS as a participant in the CALDRPP, you must successfully satisfy the requirements of all three stages of the selection process:

Stage 1 - Minimum Application Requirements

To apply for the CALDRPP, applicants must meet the following minimum application:

  • Be born in a non-English speaking country or a child of someone born in a non-English speaking country.
  • Be a permanent resident or citizen of Australia
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must have successfully completed Year 12 (or equivalent Senior Year), OR have three years of full-time paid employment (or the part-time equivalent) since leaving high school.
  • You must have a very high standard of past behaviour and conduct, including your traffic and/or criminal history.
  • Hold either an Open driver licence OR hold a current Provisional driver licence with a minimum 12 months of driving experience as a licence holder (excluding experience as a holder of a learner’s permit or learner’s licence).
    The licence may be to drive an automatic or manual vehicle, and a non-Queensland driver licence must be transferable to a Queensland driver licence.

To drive patrol vehicles, police officers must meet particular medical and health standards as outlined in the guidelines of the National Road Transport Commission. These medical standards have been incorporated into the medical and fitness testing associated with Stage 2 of the selection process.

For information on obtaining a Driver Licence, please contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

CALDRPP Training Overview

The CALDRPP includes theory and practical components designed to give and reinforce the skills needed to complete police recruit training, as well as familiarise participants with the QPS and Queensland Government structure and systems.

The program is divided into three phases:​

1. Introduction to Policing

This phase provides the student with a general overview of policing and introduces the participant to basic policing concepts.

2. Understanding Law and Procedure

The focus is to provide participants with a basic understanding of the law and to begin the development of the skills required to interpret and apply legislation. This phase also introduces students to police powers.

3. First Response Policing

The participant will be introduced to core first response policing duties, and build on knowledge of police powers and understanding of the law.

Other components of the program include:

  • Operational Policing Skills – providing the student with an introduction to policing skills such as physical fitness and driver training.
  • External visits – the program includes visits to the court house, watch house and police establishments.
  • Scenario Based Training – involvement in role play activities to assist in learning and the development of policing skills.
  • Investigative Interviewing – introduction to the concepts of interviewing witnesses.

A key strategy of the program focusses on the development of confidence and communication skills, which is carried through each phase and enhanced through participants’ involvement in community engagement activities and a peer coaching program.

These approaches to the personal and professional development are unique to the program and allow participants to become familiar with and begin their development of the core attributes required of a police recruit.

In summary, the program is designed to prepare participants for life at the academy and build their capacity to successfully transition into the Recruit Training Program. Program participants must demonstrate the core attributes of a Police Recruit and successfully complete each of the phases to gain entry into the RTP.


During the CALDRPP, participants will receive the salary of a Police Recruit, which is $1,480.29* gross per fortnight (70 per cent of a First Year Constable's base salary).

For further information on the program, please contact Police Recruiting on:

1 300 BE A COP (23 2 267)

*Wage effective from 1 July 2015; indicative figure only, may change without notice.​