​​​​​​​​Many well qualified and committed applicants seek a career with the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

Entry is highly competitive and based on merit.

The process for selection complies with the Police Service Administra​tion Act 1990 (Qld)​​.  This Act prescribes that the appointment of a person as a police recruit must be made by fair and equitable procedures that select applicants on the basis of merit and prevent discrimination.

The QPS accepts applications all year round.  Our recruitment is continuous and not for a particular intake, which means that applications can be submitted and updated on an ongoing basis.

The whole recruiting process - from the time a person submits their Online Application to the time they are appointed to an intake (if successful) - cannot be determined.

Timeframes depend ​on:

  • the availability of the applicant for testing, assessment and interview

  • the time taken to lodge a recruit application

  • checks with referees and interstate and/or overseas authorities (as necessary)

  • the availability of recruit positions at the academy, and 

  • the projected demand for police officers.

Complex applications can take longer to process. For example, if the person has a poor interstate driving record, health issues or has lived overseas for a period, obtaining information from other organisations can affect the application processing timeframe.

We ask that you be patient throughout the process, and will be in contact when you progress to the next stage or we need more information from you.


Applicants with no previous policing experience will be considered for selection under the Police Recruit Entry Pathway (PREP).  


Current and recently serving police officers with experience in interstate or international jurisdictions may apply to join the QPS.


Former QPS officers may apply for re-appointment as a Queensland police officer.​


The QPS offers employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people through the Indigenous Cadetship Program (ICP); the Recruit Training Program; or in non-police positions such as Police Liaison Officers and public servant positions.


The QPS offers employment opportunities for people from non-English Speaking Backgrounds through it’s Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Program, which provides a 10-week preparation course for transition into the Police Recruit Training Program.​


Non-police positions (Public Service positions) are advertised on the Queensland Government - Smart Jobs & Careers website when vacancies are available.

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