​​​​​​​The Queensland Police Service (QPS) is a state-wide organisation responsible for providing policing​ services to the Queensland community.


Within its ranks, the QPS has more than 11,500​ police officers located at stations and establishments across the State. These locations include single officer and two officer stations, as well as postings within Indigenous communities.

A career with the QPS offers daily variety, meaningful challenges, the ability to help people, and a broad range of opportunities to select a specialised​ vocational pathway.

Officers provide operational policing services to the community by protecting life and property, preserving peace and safety, preventing crime and upholding laws in a manner that has regard for the public good and the rights of the individual.

Police are confronted by incidents that require maturity, life experience, social awareness and strength of character. During patrols, for example, officers face many challenges and are expected to manage a wide range of people and situations that include burglaries, stolen vehicle offences, noise complaints, fires, street demonstrations, traffic crashes, assaults, homicides, domestic violence incidents​ and armed offenders.

​On graduation from the academy, police officers receive powers that are given to very few people in the community.

Police Constables commence their service as General Duties officers who will:

  • Be required to work anywhere in Queensland

  • Be transferred to locations across the State (which may include coastal, rural and remote areas)

  • Work an 8 hour rostered shift over a 24 hour rotational period

  • Commence shifts at anytime during that 24 hour period in accordance with operational demand

  • Work weekend and public holiday shifts, as required

  • Abide by QPS policies, procedures and directives in the performance of their duties, and

  • Be expected to uphold standards of behaviour, conduct and presentation in accordance with the QPS Code of Dress and Appearance.