​​​Do I have to live-in at the academy?

The Recruit Training Program is not a compulsory live-in course, however accommodation may be available for recruits who normally reside outside of the greater Brisbane metropolitan area or further than a reasonable driving distance from the Townsville academy campus. Accommodation requests are assessed on a needs basis and subject to room availability.

How do I apply for accommodation at the academy?

Applying for accommodation at either the Oxley or Townsville campus is simple. On being appointed as a recruit, you will be sent a ‘Notification of Residential Address’ form on which you nominate if accommodation is required.

How much does it cost a fortnight to stay at the academy?

Accommodation at the Oxley campus is $200 per fortnight for lodging. Meal options are available that range from $138 to $153.30 per fortnight. The Townsville campus offers accommodation for $50 per fortnight and provides meal packages ranging from $350 per fortnight. Costs are subject to change without notice.

Can I defer my application/appointment if I am accepted to the academy?

Yes, however entry to the QPS academy is competitive and there is no guarantee that you will be appointed to the next intake, as you will be competing against other applicants in the recruiting process.​

What shifts do you work at the academy?

Recruits are employed under a Contract of Employment and study full time at the academy. Generally academy attendance is day shift Monday to Friday, however, like police operational shifts, recruits will be required to attend training sessions and events outside regular hours.

How much is a recruit paid?

The employment contract provides a recruit allowance of 70% of a First Year Constable's base rate salary (without operational shift allowance). This is $157​0.38 gross per fortnight (as at 1 July 2017; indicative figure only that may change without notice).

Under the terms and conditions of the contract, employment may be terminated at any time should it be determined there has been a breach of any provisions within the contract.

How do I arrange or plan my life for the academy around leave, pregnancy, planned holidays and other events? When and how is leave arranged at the academy and what is the timetable like?

To complete all academy training you will need to give your full commitment. Leave is allocated according to each squad and the schedule for the physical components of the course, such as the firearms, accoutrement and driver training. 

Squads that train through December are generally allocated leave from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day. 

Additional leave may be granted in exceptional circumstances or for significant events (such as getting married or short, planned holidays), however approval must be sought from the academy prior to your commencement. 

The rigorous operational policing skills training during the course would not make completing the program possible during pregnancy.

Am I able to continue to do personal study while at the academy?

Recruits who undertake academy training in addition to personal study struggle and often fail to complete their training. As your academy training involves significant physical skills training and lengthy theory sessions (in addition to out-of-hours sessions), it is recommended that any significant study is deferred until after the completion of your recruit training.

Will I have time for secondary employment while at the academy?

You are permitted to perform secondary employment while completing the academy training, however approval must first be sought to ensure this secondary employment does not create a conflict of interest (such as performing security duties). 

A recruit’s performance will be continually monitored during the program to ensure he/she can cope with the increased pressure created by the secondary employment.

As a Queensland Government employee, can I transfer all my leave entitlements across when I commence?

No, you will not be able to have your balances transferred. As you are undertaking a temporary contract as a recruit, all Recreation Leave and Loading, as well as Long Service and any other leave you are entitled to from your previous department, is to be paid out upon resignation.

The Joining Instruction Kit, sent to you prior to starting your intake, includes a form to apply for recognition of previous service. The QPS will recognise your Sick Leave and will recognise your previous service towards your Long Service Leave (e.g. if you have worked for 10 years in the Queensland Government, the QPS we will recognise 10 years of service).