I am on my Learner Permit - does that matter?

A Learner Permit does not meet our Pre-Application Requirements. At present, the requirement is to have:

  • a current Australian Open driver licence for a manual or automatic vehicle, or

  • an Australian Provisional driver licence for a manual or automatic vehicle with a minimum of 12 months of driving experience as a licence holder (driving experience does not include as a learner's permit or learner's licence holder).

Do I need to complete a driving course to apply?

​​No, it is not a requirement to complete an approved driving course to submit a Police Recruit Application, as specialised driver instruction is provided during recruit training.

I have an overseas/interstate driver licence - will this meet the requirements?

Overseas or interstate applicants can apply to the QPS with their current driver licence to operate a motor vehicle (manual or automatic). Applicants should check that they will be eligible to obtain a Queensland driver licence that meets the Police Service's recruiting requirements. Once an applicant resides in Queensland, a Queensland driver licence must be obtained.

Please visit www.tmr.qld.gov.au for information on how to apply for a Queensland driver licence.


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