What is `Relevant Information' and why do I have to disclose it?

Relevant Information is any information that may affect your suitability to apply as a Police Recruit. Failing to disclose information or providing false or misleading information may result in the determination that you are unsuitable for employment by the Service.

Do I have to declare all traffic and criminal history in Australia and overseas?

Yes, you must disclose if you have ever received any traffic infringement notices; been arrested; taken to a watch-house; received a summons or Notice to Appear; appeared in a court to answer a charge; received a caution; or been the respondent in a domestic violence order. 

Also, if you have been interviewed, questioned or investigated in connection with any criminal, civil, military or other offence or incident other than as a victim/complainant/witness, it must be declared.

I am currently bankrupt - will this affect my application?

Yes, if you are currently bankrupt, you will be deemed unsuitable. You cannot apply for at least two years after you have been discharged, at which time you must provide a Certificate of Discharge and supply a current credit report.​

I currently have a Debt Agreement - will this affect my application?

A Part 9 Debt Agreement will not affect your Police Recruit Application.

Do I have to declare that I had a court appearance where the Magistrate indicated 'No conviction recorded'?

Yes, you are required to declare all court related matters, regardless of the location and outcome.

Although the QPS has strict integrity guidelines that must be adhered to, each applicant is considered on an individual basis. If you are concerned about your integrity, you may contact the Vetting Unit on 1 300 BE A COP (23 2 267) from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm. ​

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