​​​​​​​To be eligible to apply to the Queensland Police Service (QPS) as a police recruit, applicants must meet pre-application requirements.

These requirements consist of Health, Integrity/Conduct, Residency, Entrance Examination, and Driver Licence. For further information regarding these requirements, click here.

Applicants who satisfy all pre-application requirements are then invited to undertake a range of recruiting assessments.

Examples of these assessments include: Comprehensive Integrity Vetting; Psychological Assessment; Panel Interview; Community/Background Enquiries; Referee Checks; and Applied Policing Skills Assessment. 

For further information regarding these assessments, click here​.

Determining Suitability

​Applicants are considered for appointment as a police recruit in order of merit. The overall assessment of merit includes consideration of a wide range of characteristics, attributes, skills and abilities including:

  • Life experience

  • Work experience

  • Education and ​qualifications​

  • Volunteer/Community service

  • Verbal, non-verbal and written communication

  • Assertiveness

  • Personal qualities (e.g. trustworthiness, empathy, tolerance, responsibility)

  • Conflict resolution skills

  • Observation and decision-making skills

  • Driving experience

  • Health and fitness

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Problem solving and reasoning skills

  • Computer skills

  • Other applied policing skills

Further Information

Successful completion of all assessments does not guarantee appointment as a police recruit.

Some of the above assessments may incur a cost, which applicants must undertake at their own expense. The Service will not accept any obligation for expenses incurred in connection with any application.

It is imperative that applicants fully understand the recruitment process and assessments before submitting an application.

While advice from family, friends ​and serving police may be well intended, please ensure you rely on the current and specific information available from Police Recruiting for the pre-application requirements and recruiting assessments.

The whole recruiting process - from the time you submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) to the time you are appointed to an intake (if successful) - cannot be determined because the processing time for each person's application can vary, depending on his or her circumstances. You will be contacted when you progress to the next stage and if we need more information from you. In the meantime, we ask that you be patient while we both ​work through the application and selection process.

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