​​​​​​​Applied Policing Skills Assessment Day (APSAD)

If you are invited to participate in APSAD, you will be required to undertake a series of assessments at one of the Queensland Police Service Academy campuses (Brisbane or Townsville) to further assess your merit for appointment.

You will be provided with more information on the tests and what you need to bring on the day prior to attending APSAD, which will take up to three hours to complete.

Physical Assessments

Five assessment are used to test your strength, agility and cardio-vascular fitness. 

These are:

  • Hang Test – you are required to hold your own weight for three seconds using an over-hand grip while your arms are bent at the elbow by at least a 90 degree angle (chin-up position).

  • Prone Bridge Test – you must be able to fully support yourself on your hands and feet only for at least 90 seconds.

  • Push Ups – you are required to complete 10 push ups while keeping your shoulders, hips and knees in a straight line.

  • Beep Test– you must run between two lines set 20 metres apart to a 'beep' soundtrack, and must strive to reach the maximum number of laps (or 'shuttles').

  • Operational Simulation Exercise - This exercise is designed to reflect the activities of an operational police officer. It is a timed assessment through a course that includes a 30 metre run, negotiating an obstacle and dragging a 50 kilogram dummy for 10 metres.


​Your APSAD results are used by Police Recruiting to assess your overall merit for a future recruit intake.

Attending the academy:

Brisbane Campus

Rudd Street, Oxley (Address Map​)

Enter via Gate 2.

Present your Photographic ID to the police/security officers, who will direct you to the carpark area.

Walk to the gym area where Recruiting Officers are located.​

Townsville Campus

​26 Heatleys Parade, Belgian Gardens (Address Map​​)

Park along Heatleys Parade.

Enter academy through the ​main gate.

Walk to the covered area to your right where Recruiting Officers are located.

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