​​​The physical components of recruit training and policing are very demanding, and you are expected to be in peak physical condition to commence the recruit selection process.

To meet the essential physical activities of operational policing, you need to demonstrate a reasonable degree of aerobic fitness to perform duties involving periods of intense and strenuous physical exertion.

It is imperative that you commence the recruit application process with a high level of physical fitness and maintain your fitness should you progress through each of the selection stages.

Two Beep Tests
The Beep Test is​ undertaken twice during the recruit selection process:

  1. The first test is to be performed at the time of your Supervised Testing and must be arranged by you*. This test enables Police Recruiting​ to assess your general physical ability in association with your general cognitive ability. The following form must be completed by your medical practitioner before undertaking the Beep Test.

    Certificate of Indemnity and Fitness Form

  2. The second Beep Test is undertaken as part of the Applied Policing Skills Assessment Day (APSAD) to demonstrate you have a reasonable degree of aerobic fitness to successfully complete the physical training associated with recruit training. You will not be permitted to take the Beep Test at APSAD unless you present photographic identification on the day, and have previously submitted your GP signed Certificate of Indemnity and Fitness Form​ at the time of your Supervised Testing.

Maintain fitness

The Beep Test is performed on a non-slip surface between two markers placed 20 metres​​ apart. Applicants are required to run between the markers in time with an audio track. Beginning at Level 1, applicants must progress through each level and the set number of laps to the minimum level required for their age and gender. ​

The C level in the rating system (which can be downloaded below) is the minimum standard at APSAD. In order to be competitive, it is recommended that you aim to achieve a higher level to increase your competitiveness​ in the selection process. 

Also, it is imperative that you continue to train for your Beep Test to maintain a high level of physical fitness throughout the recruit selection process.

Fitness preparation and training programs may be offered by Police-Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYCs) throughout Queensland.

* If you cannot attend a local PCYC or live outside of Queensland, you may undertake your Beep Test at a PCYC equivalent in your state or territory, or with an accredited personal trainer.

​It is your responsibility as an applicant to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for this test, so maintain your fitness!

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