​​​As part of the recruit s​election process, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) performs a wide range of community background inquiries.

Community background inquiries - including reports from current employers and former employers - are conducted to assist in determining your suitability to perform General Duties policing and to assess your level of integrity, character and conduct for appointment as a Police Recruit.

You are required to complete a Consent and Authority form providing approval to undertake background inquiries and release of information to the QPS​. This form will be provided to you prior to your Supervised Testing.​

The comments or information received during community background inquiries will be treated confidentially by the QPS (unless the person expressly authorises​ the release of the comments or information to you), as the comments and information are provided to the QPS on a confidential basis for the express purpose of assessing your merit for appointment as a Police Recruit.

In circumstances where adverse comments or information is provided and the comments or information will likely exclude you from appointment as a Police Recruit, procedural fairness requires that you be informed of the substance, basis or essential elements of the adverse comments or information to give you an opportunity to answer or respond before a decision is made.

The selection of the right people as Police Officers is critical to maintain community confidence in the integrity of the Service. Bearing in mind the very high expectations the community places on its police service, it is necessary to ensure your suitability to perform police duties and that your integrity, character and conduct are of a very high standard.

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