​​​​​​​​The Queensland Police Service (QPS) is committed to being an employer of choice by selecting people who display the attributes of integrity, fairness, equity, professionalism and accountability.

People applying to be appointed as a Police Recruit must meet very high standards of past behaviour and conduct.

Police Officers are granted powers and responsibilities that exceed those afforded to other citizens. However, in order to properly pursue these statutory functions, Police Officers must have the confidence of the community.

The systematic integrity screening of Police Recruit applicants is an important mechanism for the QPS to maintain and advance it's organisational integrity.

Duty to Disclose 

Subject to section 5AA.5 and section 5AA.8 of the Police Service Administration Act 1990​, persons engaged or seeking to be engaged by the QPS must disclose 'Relevant Information' in the approved form to the Commissioner of Police.

In selecting people to join the QPS, applicants will undergo a rigorous selection process that includes self disclosure of Relevant Information. Each applicant must complete all questions on Relevant Information as they appear on the Police Recruit application form. Providing accurate answers to all questions will not necessarily impede your selection, but failing to provide accurate answers is likely to lead to non-selection or termination of your application.

Once your application has been assessed to ensure you meet all other Pre-application Requirements, the QPS will undergo an Assessment of Suitability, which is carried out by officers from the Police Recruiting Integrity Vetting Unit.

The QPS has strict integrity guidelines that must be adhered to, and each applicant is considered on an individual basis.

The time taken to complete integrity checks is dependent on the complexity of your application and your individual circumstances. Once these assessments are completed, Police Recruiting will be in contact with you about further recruiting assessments to be undertaken.

Upon application, your personal details (name, date of birth, current address and occupation) will be published in the Queensland Police Gazette for confidential comment by serving Queensland police employees.

Examples of Relevant Information

  • If you have been questioned, charged or cautioned for an offence as an adult or juvenile, you are required to disclose this information on your application form. This includes instances where no conviction was recorded.

  • You must also include spent convictions under the Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act 1986​ by virtue of section 5AA 4 of the Police Service Administration Act 1990.

  • It is most important that you spend some time to deliberate on answering all questions relating to Relevant Information. Your answers must be complete and accurate.

  • Failing to disclose all Relevant Information or providing false or misleading information may result in a determination that you are unsuitable for employment by the Service.

    • ​​​Decisions relating to your suitability in this instance will be made by the delegated officer.
    • You will be notified when a decision regarding your suitability has been made.

Overseas Travel

If you have travelled overseas and remained there for six months or longer, you may be required to obtain a current criminal history clearance certificate and a traffic record from that country.

Recruiting will advise you if your overseas records are required after you have submitted your Recruit Application. If you know that overseas clearances will be required however​, you can apply for your records prior to or at any stage during the application process.

To obtain clearance certificates, go to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection​ webpage on Character and police certificate requirements.

The addresses of the relevant police stations from the countries concerned are outlined. As some countries could take up to 12 months to return clearance certificates, it is recommended that you make application to the relevant country as soon as possible.

Although the QPS has strict integrity guidelines that must be adhered to, each applicant is considered on an individual basis. If you have any queries about your integrity after referring to the above information, contact the Police Recruiting Integrity Vetting Unit on 1 300 BE A COP (23 2 267).  

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