​​​​The Queensland Police Service values diversity within its workforce to provide the best policing services to people who live, work and visit the State.  

The Service is an equal opportunity employer that recognises modern policing in a diverse society requires officers who reflect the Queensland community.  

To achieve this target, at least half of the recruits in each academy intake will be women.

To encourage more female applicants into a policing career, the Police Commissioner launched the female recruitment strategy – That could be me – during the inaugural Queensland Women's Week (7-13 March 2016).

The strategy focusses on 10 female police officers from across the State telling the story of their diverse, interesting and ​worthwhile career paths within the QPS.

These female officers range from a Senior Constable in charge of a single person station in rural north Queensland, to the Assistant Commissioner of the Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism and Major Events Command.

There are also detectives, General Duties officers, one of the Service's first female motorcycle officers, a dog squad officer, a forensics officer and a Senior Sergeant from Ethical Standards Command, who were all prepared to tell their story to encourage more women into policing.

Like these officers, many other women within the QPS bring a range of skills to the demanding job of a police officer. 

The training, equipment and support provided to female officers (like their male colleagues) helps to develop the self-confidence, assertiveness and strength of character needed by officers to meet the demands of policing and building a long and satisfying career.


Attributes important to operational police officers include:

  • Good communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal)
  • Analysis and problem solving
  • Taking responsibility
  • Ability to diffuse situations
  • Compassion
  • Caring
  • Time management, and
  • A willingness to help. 

Policing is for women who display these qualities and are seeking a career that has variety and challenge, and who want flexibility and opportunity in their employment. 

The QPS offers many employment advantages including generous superannuation, shift work, part-time arrangements and parental leave amongst its work/life principles and policies. These flexible arrangements can benefit women who want security and stability in their employment, and wish for balance in their work and life commitments. 

A full-time commitment is required during recruit training at the academy (25 weeks) and the 12 months of on-the-job training as a First Year Constable, after which flexible arrangements can be negotiated subject to operational needs.​

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