​Career Prospects

After successful completion of the First Year Constable (FYC) Program and your appointment as a Police Officer is confirmed,  you will generally serve a minimum of three years as a Constable at a police station working in a General Duties area.

This placement provides exposure to, and an understanding of, the core business of the Queensland Police Service.

Furthermore, experience in General Duties police work provides the appropriate skills to seek advancement or appointment to a position in a specialist area.

Police officers must be prepared to serve in a police station or establishment anywhere in the State.

​​​During their service, police officers may be transferred to a variety of locations that include metropolitan areas, provincial cities, coastal, inland and/or rural towns, as well as small, remote and isolated communities.​​​

Placement of a recruit upon graduation, and then as a Constable after completion of the FYC program, is at the discretion of the QPS.

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